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On-site Visual Template Editor: Coupons
On-site Visual Template Editor: Coupons

Learn more about designing an on-site campaign using the coupons elements within Bluecore's Visual Template Editor (VTE).

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Before adding coupons to an on-site campaign, they must be configured within Bluecore. Add and manage coupons to your account by following the instructions outlined here.

Access the Bluecore Site™ Visual Template Editor by following the below steps.

1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand navigation.
2. Go to Site.
3. Then Campaigns.
4. Click Create New Campaign.
5. Go to the Message tab.
6. Click Create from Existing or Create in VTE.
7. Add a layer to begin using the below element.

Select either a coupon bank or a static coupon.

  • Coupon Bank: If the coupons are coming from a previously configured coupon pool, select the coupon bank option. Be sure to select to enter a static coupon as a fallback coupon.

  • Static Coupon: Enter the static coupon code in the text box. There's no fallback coupon required for a static coupon code, as everyone receives the same code.

  • Click to copy: Select this option to allow the user to click to copy the coupon code, instead of manually copying the code themselves.

  • Accessibility Label: A concise but useful description for shoppers with visual impairments or who otherwise use assistive technology.


  • Custom CSS Class Name: Add a class name here to automatically add to the CSS layer. 

  • Text options: Color, font size, line height, letter spacing, font family and library.

  • Font Emphasis/Decoration: Bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough.

  • Text Transform: None, capitalize, upper case, lower case.

  • Padding: Left, right, top, and bottom padding (pixels). Adjust the padding for the applicable desktop and mobile designs.

  • Border: Select a style, color, thickness, radius, and container color.

You can drag and drop the element on the canvas on the right-hand side, or apply any of the below position options.

  • Left and Top Position: Enter a percentage of left and top alignment.

  • Layer Alignment: Select auto, left, center, or right alignment on the layer.

  • Stick to side: Offset the element to a specific side (pixels).


  • Animation Effect: Catch the users attention by selecting an animation for the text. Enter a start delay and a speed for the animation.

After the coupon widget has been added to the canvas, and you've saved the template, be sure to select a coupon from the previously configured pool outside of VTE. Next to the preview of your template design, select Add Rule to add a coupon.


  • Auto-apply coupons are not currently supported, but are on the roadmap. 

Now that you've added a coupon to your campaign, add text, images, and dividers, buttons, or email capture.

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