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Q3: August 1 - October 31, 2019
Q3: August 1 - October 31, 2019
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  • Redesign and Workflow Optimization Updates (August 27)
    Starting August 28th, all customers will have access to several exciting updates including:

    Redesigned Navigation Bar: Save valuable time with our newly redesigned vertical navigation that automatically expands and collapses to require one less click to accomplish your goals.

    Better Global Widgets Management: We have improved the usability of Global Widgets, including the ability to proof updates across all active campaigns before publishing and type-tagging functionality for better categorization of headers, footers and more.

    Easy Customer Attributes Insertion: Dynamic VTE and subject-line buttons allow you to easily insert customer attributes in your email templates and subject lines.

    Immediate Sending for Data Exports: Following up on the April 2019 release to enable immediate sending for email campaigns, users who have access to our Data Exports feature can now configure a Data Export to deploy immediately.

  • [Test] in Email Subject Line (September 30)
    When sending a test email, [Test] appears in the subject line. Quickly identify the test email that was just sent within your inbox.

  • October Releases (October 14)
    Get ready for the holiday season with our October releases!

    Smart Content/Smart Campaigns: Deliver highly personalized content at an individual level all within the same email. Set rules within your content to personalize based on customer attributes such as: gender, loyalty member status, or nearest store location.

    More Options for Google and Facebook Audience Syncs
    : Target your customers in the channels they are most active. Email eligibility is now available within journeys to allow targeted social touchpoints with email.

    Upload Static Email Lists: Upload a static email list for one-time use via the file import tool.

    Estimated Audience Size: View an at-a-glance estimate of the amount of people this campaign will be delivered to.

    More Audiences Per Campaign: Add up to 10 audiences for a campaign send.

    Default Tracking Parameters: Set default tracking parameters at the account-level for your batch or triggered email campaigns.

    New Campaign Classification: Select promotional/batch or triggered when creating a campaign to manage frequency capping, email eligibility criteria, and tracking parameters at the campaign-level.

    Re-designed Campaign Library Page: The campaign library page has a whole new look and feel! The library is now separated by campaign categories by section.

    Click Tracking Widget: Stay up-do-date on how you’re pacing against your click package.

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