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Integrate with mParticle

Learn more about how to integrate with mParticle and Bluecore.

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With the Bluecore and mParticle integration, brands can build a full view of customer shopping across offline, desktop, mobile web, and mobile app experiences. Target customers wherever they are shopping by importing mobile shopping app data from mParticle and build cross-channel journeys to increase relevancy, site or store traffic, and revenue

The mParticle-Bluecore integration allows you to send viewed product, add to cart, purchase, wishlist events from mParticle to Bluecore, as well as configurable custom events, like product/category search events.

This, in turn, allows Bluecore customers to trigger email sends based on this data, without requiring any integration work. One can now enable device-specific customer email journeys and drive shoppers to a mobile app shopping experience.

The integration supports the iOS and Android platforms, as well as Web events. Click here to view the mParticle documentation.



1. Activation: Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable the integration on the Bluecore side. This consists of enabling the namespace to accept data via cloud functions, and mobile app events to be processed.

2. Custom Events: Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the enablement of custom events. This will require custom events to be set up on the mParticle side and be mapped to custom created events on the Bluecore side. Custom events are any events outside of View product, Add to cart, Purchase and Wishlist.


1. Define the mParticle Configuration - Enable Namespace: Setup the Bluecore integration by entering your internal Customer Namespace received from Bluecore.

2. Setup Connections: Select the input type you want to connect from mParticle to Bluecore and establish the connections to the Bluecore configuration, defined in step 1. Repeat this step for all inputs you want to connect to Bluecore.

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Web*

*If Bluecore is already capturing your web-events with JS, the web connections does not need to be established in mParticle

3. Enable the platform filters to forward events to Bluecore Select the event types you would like mParticle to forward to Bluecore: Commerce Events

  • View product

  • Add to cart

  • Purchase

  • Wishlist

Custom Events*

  • Ex: Product/category search events

All custom events should be set up in advance in Step 2 with Bluecore.


Supported System Notification Types:

  • mParticle forwards consent state notifications to Bluecore. This refers to support forwarding the GDPR consent state to a partner within the event payload.

Data Processing Notes:

  • Bluecore will not accept data over 24 hours old.


Campaigns based on mobile app-events will be set up as separate campaigns in Bluecore. As an example for abandon carts, you would need to set up an abandon cart campaign for your web events and one for your mobile-app events. This allows users to easily understand the email performance for users coming from web vs coming from the app.

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