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Learn more about how to further refine rules for Bluecore Communicate™ and Site™ product recommendations.

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Configure product settings to establish rules around what types of products are eligible to be populated in each dynamic product block. These settings can be used to further refine the types of products that are being delivered, along side with each recommendation rule.

Product settings can be configured at the campaign and global levels.


The below sections highlight how to configure unique products and product exclusions for product recommendations. Unique products can only be configured for Communicate™ campaigns, while product exclusions are applicable to both Bluecore Communicate™ and Site™.


Selecting a unique product attribute on the Communicate™ account-level settings ensures that there are no duplicate products displayed in the recommendations block based on selected attributes.

  • NOTE: Changes made here will only apply to future campaigns. If a draft is created of an existing campaign that already had a unique on value set, the campaign setting will not be overwritten when launched. If a draft is created of an existing campaign that didn’t have a unique value set, the global setting will be applied once the template is edited.

1. Select an attribute from the drop-down to display unique products based on this attribute.

2. Click Save.


A product catalog may contain multiple products with the same name, such as Nike “Fresh Foam Runner” shoes. Exclude multiple products with the same name by selecting name from the drop-down to ensure the email doesn’t include more than one “Fresh Foam Runner” shoe.


Globally exclude products from displaying in all of your existing and future Bluecore Communicate™ and Site™ campaigns by setting the product exclusion filters in the account-level settings. Any products matching the filters will be excluded.

  • NOTE: Exclusions apply to all product blocks, except input product blocks and interaction history blocks. For example, if you exclude the category of socks but a user viewed, carted, or purchased socks, it will display in an email.


Exclude all out of stock products from being included in our Bluecore Communicate™ and Site™ campaigns. To do this, add the following product filter: Out of stock is true.


For Bluecore Communicate™, any previously configured product settings (unique products and product exclusions) are automatically applied to the campaign. For Bluecore Site™, the product exclusions that were previously configured on the settings page are automatically applied. Override the previously configured unique product attribute or edit existing product exclusions on a per campaign basis by following the below steps.

1. Navigate to a template that has dynamic product blocks previously added.

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Select to override the previously configured global setting, if applicable. If selected, the template-level can be unique on something else for a specific campaign. For example, if the global setting is unique by name, you can override this specific campaign for something else, such as unique by brand.


We’re sending out a Best Sellers email and want to make sure a variety of brands are included. To ensure the products that display in this template are unique by brand, select brand from the Select Property drop-down. The products that might then display are Nike shoes, Adidas shoes, an Under Armour shirt, and Puma sweatpants.

4. Click Edit to navigate to the Communicate™ settings to configure any product exclusions for this template and all future templates.

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