Once you have created a campaign touch and assigned an audience to it, you can create an A/B, or multivariate, test within the campaign creation flow. You can also create an A/B test for an active campaign by editing the campaign.

An A/B test will send two to five versions of an email to determine which leads to a higher conversion rate. This article explains how to set up an A/B test. You can also check out our video on A/B testing here.


Create a campaign or edit a campaign

  1. Select A/B Test as the Campaign Type.

  2. Enter an A/B Test Name.


Starting with Variant A, enter email content:

  1. Enter a percentage of recipients to which the email variant will be sent. The percentages must add up to 100%. Click Re-balance to evenly distribute the percentages.

  2. Enter a Variant Name.

  3. Enter Content. See Enter Your Message for more information.

  4. When you are done editing Variant A, click Variant B to edit its content.

  5. Click + Add Variant to include more than two variants for your A/B test. Up to five variants may be added.

  6. Click Save & Continue.


1. Different subject lines:

  • Variant A: “Top 5 Best Dry Food Brands for Lily Bean”

  • Variant B: “Top 5 Best Dry Food Brands”

2. Show/hide prices
3. Different images in the email content
4. Different call-to-action labels on buttons

  • Variant A: “Check It Out!”

  • Variant B: “Buy Now!” 

For best practices for running A/B tests, see our blog.


When running an automated campaign and the campaign has run long enough to achieve statistical significance, the next step is to select a winner for the campaign. By selecting a winner, the remaining recipients will receive the email campaign that performed better. Select a winner by following the below steps.

1. Navigate to the active campaign with the A/B test.

2. Click the A/B Test tab at the top of the campaign.

3. Navigate to the bottom of the page.

4. Click the Select as winner button on the applicable variant.

By selecting a winner, this campaign will turn into a single-content version, sending the version that has been selected as the winner. The A/B versions will no longer be available.

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