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Create a Multi-Touch Journey with Experience Designer
Create a Multi-Touch Journey with Experience Designer

Learn more about how to add an additional touchpoint to your existing Experience Designer campaign.

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After you have created a new campaign and setup a campaign, you have the option to Add More Touches to your email campaign.

If you clicked Add More Touches or Split An Audience, you will be taken into Bluecore’s Experience Designer tool to build out your shoppers’ journey.

Within this tool, you can: add a touch, split an audience, edit a touch/split, delete a touch/split, and review and launch an Experience.


A touch is an interaction with your shoppers.

1. Hover over the audience that should receive the touch.
2. Click Add Touch.

3. Add a name for the touch.

4. Select a filter option. This ensures you’re delivering the most relevant messages possible. For example, when setting up a second touch, filter shoppers who’ve now made a purchase out of the audience.

5. Click Next.
6. Select a channel

  • NOTE: Multi-touch Automated touches can only be sent through emails. For One-Time experiences, you will be able to select multiple channels.

7. Click Next.
8. Set the Touch Timing.

9. Click Save Touch.

Next, add creative, add another touch, edit/delete the touch, or add a split. When you are done designing the experience, review and launch!


Creative is the message that will be sent to your shoppers.

1. Click Add Creative above the touch you added. The email window displays.

2. The Trigger Settings are pre-populated. To edit the settings, click Edit and enter the From Name and From Email in the popup. Click Save.
3. Enter an Email Subject.
4. Add Tracking Parameters, if applicable.
5. Add a template by clicking Copy Existing Template, or click Create New Template. See Create a Template with VTE for more information.
6. Click Add & Close to add the creative.


A split is a division of the audience into more specific groups by certain parameters.

1. Hover over the audience that should be split.

2. Click Split Audience.
3. Select a split option. For each option of the split, a branch displays on Experience Designer canvas. Next, add a touch, edit a split, or delete a split.


To edit a touch or split:

1. Click the event to view details.
2. Make necessary edits.
3. Save the event.


To delete a touch or split, hover over it and click Delete. If it has dependent events, you can delete and replace. Otherwise, the dependent events will be move up in the series and be associated to the next audience.

  • NOTE: You cannot delete a split if it has a touch coming off of it. Delete the touch first.


When you are ready to launch the experience:

1. Click Save & Continue in the bottom right-hand corner. Review the details of the experience.
2. Address any errors listed on the review page.
3. To launch the campaign, click Save & Launch Campaign in the bottom right-hand corner.

The campaign will go live. You can exit, pause, or edit.


Q: Can I create an Email Campaign off of a Facebook sync in my journey?

  • A: For One-Time Experiences, you cannot create a touch or split off of a non-email channel touch.

Q: Can I create a split off of another split?

  • A: You cannot create a split off of another split.

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