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Experience Designer: Engagement Splits or Filters Examples
Experience Designer: Engagement Splits or Filters Examples

Learn more about how to set up a weekly promotion with engagement splits or filters.

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Use Bluecore's Experience Designer with weekly promotional journeys. Optimize one-time sends, increase engagement while preventing over-emailing, and create splits or filters to uniquely target your shoppers all within a single journey.


1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand side.
2. Click Automated Communicate Campaigns.
3. Then Create New Campaign.

4. Select the email channel.
5. Click Next in the lower right-hand corner.
6. Navigate to the custom section of the campaign library. Select a custom automated campaign.

7. Click Create Campaign in the lower right-hand corner.
8. Configure the following settings for this campaign:

  • Name: Since this is a journey, the name entered here becomes the name of the first touch in the journey. For example, engagement touch 1

  • Promotional/Batch or Triggered: For this example, select Promotional.

  • Audience

  • Configure a schedule (for example, a weekly campaign on Wednesdays)

9. Click Save and Continue in the lower right-hand corner.
10. Click Create Journey in the lower right-hand corner.
11. Enter a name for the journey. For example, What's New Wednesday.

12. Click Next.
13. Hover over the touch and click add creative.
14. Add a subject line, preview text, and tracking parameters if applicable.
15. Create or select a template. Click here to learn more about creating templates.
16. Click Add and Close.
17. Hover over the first touch and click Split Audience.

18. Select to split based on email engagement.

  • Select either opened vs. didn't open OR clicked vs. didn't click.

19. Click Save Split.
20. Hover over the first split option (for example, didn't open).
21. Click Add Touch.

22. Enter a name.
23. Click Next.
24. Add filters to the audience, if applicable.

25. Click Next.
26. Select a touch channel. For example, email.

27. Click Next.
28. Select when you'd like the touch to run. For example, this is a weekly campaign, so the split may run one week later. 

29. Click Save Touch.
30. Hover over the touch just created and click Add Creative.
31. Add a subject line, preview text, and tracking parameters, if applicable.
32. Create or select a template.
33. Click Add and Close.
34. Repeat steps 18 through 30 to add the second touch and creative for those who opened, if you'd like them to receive additional messages.
35. Click Save and Continue in the lower right-hand corner.
36. Review all of the previously configured settings on the summary page.
37. Click Save and Launch Campaign in the lower right-hand corner.


Q: Can users qualify for a journey halfway through?

  • A: No, users must qualify at the kickoff audience. 

Q: What is the recommended max number of touches in one journey?

  • A: We recommend including less than ten touches in a single journey to reduce complexity and difficulty troubleshooting. 

Q: When using STO in multi-touch journeys, can I use STO for one email touch, but not another? 

  • A: No, use of STO applies to the entire journey.

Q: When splitting journeys by email engagement (i.e. did not open or purchase), how do I make sure customers get the correct touch?

  • A: Swim lanes in Experience Designer are not mutually exclusive. Make the swim lanes mutually exclusive by: using a split, sending the same touches in different lanes at the same time, or suppressing against receiving a touch in another lane.

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