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Experience Designer: Core Triggers Examples
Experience Designer: Core Triggers Examples

Learn more about how to use Bluecore's core triggers in Experience Designer.

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Use Bluecore's Experience Designer with your core triggers to optimize any triggered setup with pre-built or custom kickoff audience. Quickly and easily manage audiences and optimize triggered performance all within a multi-touch journey for simplified campaign management.

When setting up a triggered campaign, select a trigger such as an abandoned cart, product or search, post purchase, or price decrease. Learn more about setting up a journey with multiple touchpoints here.


1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand side.
2. Click Automated Communicate Campaigns.
3. Then, Create New Campaign.

4. Select the email channel.
5. Click Next in the lower right-hand corner.

6. Navigate to the triggers section of the campaign library. Select a trigger, such as an abandoned cart

NOTE: Bluecore’s triggered campaigns available in the campaign library are automatically configured with the necessary filters to successfully run the triggered campaign type without additional filter criteria necessary. 

  • Abandoned Cart: Shopper did not purchase and has left an item in their shopping cart that has not been removed.

  • Abandoned Product: Shopper viewed a product, but did not purchase or add an item to cart.

  • Abandoned Search: Shopper searched for products or viewed category pages, but did not purchase, add to cart, or view any products.

  • Post Purchase: Shopper has completed a purchase.

  • New Arrivals: Shopper viewed products in a particular category that now has new inventory.

  • Price Decrease: Shopper interacted with, but did not purchase a product that later dropped in price.

7. Click Create Campaign in the lower right-hand corner.
8. Configure the following settings for this campaign:

  • Name: Since this is a journey, the name entered here becomes the name of the first touch in the journey. For example, abandoned cart touch 1

  • Split the audience: Applying a split here will create a new journey and is not recommended for this use case.

  • How long after the cart is abandoned to trigger the email.

  • Product Filters

  • Frequency caps

9. Click Save and Continue in the lower right-hand corner.

10. Click Create Journey in the lower right-hand corner.

11. Enter a name for the journey. For example, Abandoned Cart Journey.
12. Click Next.

13. Hover over the touch and click add creative

14. Add a subject line, preview text, and tracking parameters if applicable.
15. Create or select a template. Click here to learn more about creating templates.
16. Click Add and Close. The first touch is now complete!

17. Hover over the first touch.
18. Click Add Touch

19. Enter a name for the second touch. For example, abandoned cart touch 2.
20. Click Next in the lower right-hand corner.

21. Add an audience filter, if applicable.
22. Click Next.
23. Select a touch channel. For example, email.
24. Click Next.

25. Select when you want the second touch to run relative to the first touch. For example, 3 days later.
26. Click Save Touch.

27. Repeat steps 13 through 16 to add creative to the second touch.
28. Repeat steps 17 through 26 to add any additional touches to the journey.
29. After all of the applicable touches have been added to the journey, click Save and Continue in the lower right-hand corner.
30. Review all of the previously configured settings on the summary page.
31. Click Save and Launch Campaign in the lower right-hand corner. 


Q: How are kickoff audiences configured?

  • A: Selecting one of the triggered campaigns from the campaign library ensures a quick and easy setup with Bluecore's Experience Designer.

Q: What if someone qualifies for a triggered email journey, like abandoned cart, while they’re currently in a triggered email journey of that same type (i.e. abandoned cart)?

  • A: The user will stay in the original journey, and Bluecore will automatically incorporate any newly relevant input products in the remaining email touches. 

Q: When adding a touch, do I need to re-add filters used to configure the original kickoff audience (i.e. user abandoned cart in the last two hours)? 

  • A: No, users must qualify for the original kickoff audience to be eligible for later touches.

Q: Why doesn’t the audience size in my later touch add up to my kickoff audience minus purchasers? 

  • A: Other factors could be impacting final audience counts such as frequency caps, Auto-Prioritizer™, unsubscribes, etc. 

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