Together, Bluecore and Curalate make it easy to deliver relevant user-generated content to browsers and shoppers at the moment they’re most likely to engage and convert. With Bluecore’s Curalate integration, brands can enhance Bluecore’s personalized emails by supplementing product recommendations with related user-generated content to drive a more engaging experience, increasing click-through rates, engagement and revenues.

  • NOTE: This is an advanced feature, please contact your Client Success Manager to upgrade.


These are the high-level requirements.


  • Bluecore Integration setup on-site.

  • Specification for maximum number of Curalate photos to capture.


  • Integration-based solutions to capture user generated content related to products.

These are the high-level workflows once the requirements are known.


  • Plan marketing calendar and campaigns that would utilize user generated content (UGC).


  • Update Javascript integration to bring in UGC product information.

  • Enable code blocks to add this content in email.


  • Product-Level User Generated ContentRetrieve UGC images on Product Pages and show them as additional content marketing to complement existing product promotions and recommendations.

  • Combine product recommendations with relevant UGC content, e.g. if a customer is viewing shoes, provide relevant UGC content connected to that product to create an engaging shopping experience.

  • Generate predictive affinity audiences for new categories and products a shopper may be interested in and combine it with linked content for that affinity category (e.g. shoes + UGC content re: shoes).



The FDE will update the Bluecore JavaScript integration to enable fetching user generated content from product pages.

  • Insert the patchCuralateImages() function to the integration. Configurable parameters: Number of images to patch (default: 3) 

  • Call patchCuralateImages() function on a certain percent of PDP views.

  • NOTE: This step requires Bluecore Technical Services. Please contact your Bluecore Customer Success Manager to enable this setup.



1. Navigate to Automated Campaigns or One-Time Campaigns.
2. Click on Create New Campaign or create a draft for an existing campaign.
3. Select the channel Email.
4. Enter the Message tab, and click Edit Template.
5. Select the product block you’d like to update with UGC content. If you’d like to remove the existing image, set the image width to 0px.

6. Navigate to the Call-to-Action product attribute configuration. 

7. Set the Call-to-Action image source to use image. Change the alt text to Product Image (or whatever is desired). 

8. In the VTE preview, you should now see the product block update. The preview may have broken images and this is expected. The proofs will reflect the actual Curalate images. 


Run a proof of the content. You should now be able to see the UGC in the updated product blocks. 

Click Save and Publish to launch the campaign.


Q: Do I need Bluecore assistance to setup the Curalate integraton?

  • A: Yes. Please contact your Bluecore Customer Success Manager to setup Technical Services scoping time to get the UGC data from site.

Q: Will there be UGC available for all of my products?

  • A: UGC content will only be available as loaded from the product pages. If a product page doesn't have UGC content, Bluecore will not be able to show relevant UGC content related to it.

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