Together, Liveclicker + Bluecore make it easy for marketers to integrate intelligent content with 1:1 personalized behavioral emails that drive performance, increase productivity, and deliver compelling customer experiences. Combining Bluecore’s high-performance behavioral and predictive emails and audiences with Liveclicker’s ability to generate personalized content based on contextual data (e.g. location) at the time of open delivers a more relevant experience that drives higher engagement, click-through-rates and revenue.

  • NOTE: This is an advanced feature, please contact your Client Success Manager to upgrade.


These are the high-level requirements.


  • Liveclicker Code Snippet.


  • Implementation and QA Assistance (if Bluecore Services are used).

These are the high-level workflows once the requirements are known.


  • Create the experience within Liveclicker and get the code snippet for the email.


  • Add the code snippet within email template content and publish it within a campaign.


With Liveclicker + Bluecore, retail marketers can easily match customer behavior with products for intelligent, triggered campaigns that contain relevant and real-time content. Here are a few examples:

  • Import Liveclicker custom events into Bluecore Predictive Models.

  • Enhance Bluecore e-mails with Liveclicker visualisation, including real-time delivery and tracking information, loyalty status (details, point totals and more), inventory levels, weather / location related recommendations and coupon codes.

  • Re-engage loyalty members predicted by Bluecore to be at-risk with Liveclicker’s personalized data visualizations such as loyalty status, point totals, and more.

  • Trigger Bluecore post purchase emails and pull in up-to-date delivery and tracking information with Liveclicker.

  • Trigger emails using Bluecore custom events when customers demonstrate onsite intent to set up an appointment, and pull in third party data, such as live appointment data with Liveclicker.

  • Create a sense of urgency and increase store traffic by pulling local store inventory into Bluecore Low Inventory, Price Drop, and New Merchandising triggers.

  • Pull Liveclicker Abandoned Cart Banners in Bluecore Weekly Best Seller audiences to increase conversion. • Use Bluecore’s collaborative filtering models to create category affinity audiences that showcase Liveclicker’s weather-specific products at time of open.

  • Delight your Bluecore discount affinity audiences with a personalized Liveclicker discount code that can be redeemed online or in-store based on location of open or device of open.



  • Configure the business logic to generate the embed code for the ESP.

  • An embed code consists of an image and (or) a destination URL. Liveclicker creates embed codes and delivers to your coding agency / ESP to place into email HTML. This code calls Liveclicker’s servers to present content according to defined business logic and functionality.



1. Navigate to Automated Campaigns or One-Time Campaigns.
2. Click on Create New Campaign.

3. Select the channel Email.

4. Select the type of campaign you want to configure.
5. Name the campaign and associate the audience. Once configured, click Save and Continue.
6. Navigate to the Message tab. Enter Subject Line. Enter the Preview Text and Tracking Parameters. Create or load previously saved template.

7. Template Choice: Choose either the Code Editor or the Visual Template Editor. Add content blocks or code for the copy as seen fit. If using the Visual Template Editor, create a code block. In the code block, enter the Liveclicker snippet that was generated in the Liveclicker setup earlier.

Please note any dynamic content fields within Liveclicker image URLs will need to be reviewed with Bluecore Technical Services. Please contact your Bluecore Customer Success Manager for more assistance

8. Navigate to the Summary page.
9. Confirm the marketing email headers: From name, From email address, and the optional Reply To address.


Run a proof of the content to see how content renders based on your business rules configuration.

Click Save and Publish to enable the campaign to go live.


Q: Do I need Bluecore assistance to setup the Bluecore campaign content?

  • A: No. This is available self-service. However, if you choose to use Bluecore Services, please contact your Bluecore Customer Success Manager.

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