The Catalog section allows the ability to review and search for products within your Catalog that can be used for Audience Segmentation and Dynamic Product Recommendations.

Navigate to Catalog in the top navigation.


The Catalog page provides a flexible set of search, filtering and sorting solutions to narrow the products down. Typical searches might include Product Name, URL or ID. Additionally, the search engine can support searching for standard or custom attributes on a given product.

On the left panel, you will also see some helpful filters.

  • Category: Select a product Category to narrow the available products to view or select.

  • Price: Enter a minimum or maximum current price to narrow the product that falls into that pricing criteria.

  • Filters: Check Price Drop, New Arrivals or Best Sellers to filter down product that meets that criteria.


By selecting a product, you will see all of the product data that Bluecore has collected on that particular product. The product attribute data that you see on the Product page is sourced from Bluecore’s website JavaScript Integration, Event Service or one-time or recurring file ingests.

At the top left you will see the standard Product fields:

  • Product Name: Displays the Product Name

  • ID: Displays the Product ID or SKU

  • Price: Displays the Current Price of the Product

  • Last updated: Displays the Date and Time in UTC for when any attribute on the product has been changed

  • Data Created: Displays the Date and Time in UTC for when this product was first collected by Bluecore


Product Attributes: The product tab displays all of the attributes that have been collected for the given product. Please feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager if you would like Bluecore to collect additional data.

Important Note: When using the standard website Javascript integration our product catalog updates dynamically based on real customer views. As a result, products that are viewed infrequently may occasionally show outdated information.

Product History: At the bottom of the Product Tab, Bluecore summarizes Purchase insights about the Product.


The Changelog tab displays if any product attributes have changed. Highlighting the attribute name, current value, the previous value, and date changed (in UTC).

These attributes automatically update in real-time when Bluecore’s JavaScript Snippet detects updates to the product on your website.


One of the most common use-cases for leveraging the Catalog is to understand the possible product attributes one can query on in the Audience Builder or when configuring a Product Recommendation in the dynamic product rule.


  1. Navigate to Audiences > Create New Audience.

  2. Select Customer Behaviors.

  3. Select any of the Product Behavior, for example, Add product(s) to cart.

  4. Click the drop-down Add Product Filter. The list of Product attributes listed in the drop-down corresponds to the attributes displayed in the Catalog.


  1. Navigate to Campaign > Create New Campaign > Message.

  2. Navigate to Template > Dynamic Blocks > Add a rule.

  3. Select Products Selected From Catalog section.

  4. Click the drop-down with the title Include only products matching the following criteria. The list of Product attributes listed in the drop-down corresponds to the attributes displayed in the Catalog.

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