Bluecore’s predictive algorithms set thresholds for each likelihood/preference prediction. From the Audience Builder, click the gear icon in the top right corner to launch the Audience Settings modal.

In the Audience Settings modal, you can adjust the thresholds between Low, Medium, and High likelihood or preference.

Audience thresholds can be configured for the following:

  • Likelihood to convert

  • Likelihood to unsubscribe from emails

  • Likelihood to open an email

  • Likelihood to click an email

  • Discount Preference

See Predictive Audiences Overview for more information. Use the drop-down to select a predictive audience filter to edit.

Enter percentages for the Low to medium and Medium to high thresholds, or use the sliders along the bottom of the graph. This sets a boundary at where each likelihood/preference group ends and next likelihood/preference group begins begins. The percentage refers to the customer’s likelihood to act or their preference. In the example below, the Low to medium threshold is 30%– meaning, if a customer falls between a 0% and 30% likelihood to open an email, they will be classified with a low likelihood to open an email.

The graph displays the volume of customers at each likelihood/preference percentage.

  • Y-axis: Number of customers

  • X-axis: Percent Likelihood to Act/Preference

For each likelihood/preference group (i.e., low, medium, high), the number of customers that are included in the likelihood/preference group displays below.

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