Adding Multiple Audiences

Learn more about how to add up to 10 audiences to a campaign.

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After you have Created a New Campaign and are in the process of Setting up a Campaign, the next step is to add multiple audiences to your campaign. Adding multiple audiences to a single campaign allows you to add multiple lists, all with different criteria.

  • TIP: Up to 10 audiences may be added to a campaign.

If you want to target customers with different customer attributes, you do this with a single audience via AND/OR functionality within customer attributes. All other use cases can be enabled by this workflow.

Create a new audience by navigating to the audiences section. Click here to learn more about creating an audience.


  • Target customers who opened an email in the last 30 days OR new subscribers from the last 7 days.

  • Target customers who have a high affinity for sweaters OR a high affinity for coats.

  • Target customers who have purchased dresses or have a high affinity for dresses.

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